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Tyler Kennedy Brings the
Stanley Cup Home to Sault Ste. Marie

July 3, 2009

By Tom Stephenson

Tyler Kennedy was instrumental in the Pittsburgh Penguins win of the Stanley Cup in 2009. Tyler showed his gratitude to local fans and supporters by bringing the Stanley Cup to Sault Ste. Marie for fans to get up close and touch the worlds most famous sports trophy.

Tyler spent two days with the cup, taking it to local businesses and locations that have supported him and his family through his young career. I was honoured to be asked to accompany Tyler, his family, and the cup through a day of travels to take photos of the events.  The day started at the Great Lakes Forest Research Centre, the place of work for Tyler's dad, Robert.  Afterwards the cup made it's way to Sault College, where Tyler's mom, Jo-Ann works.  Other stops through the day included a stop at North 82 Restaurant, Soo Pee Wee arena, Fratelli's Kitchen, Maitland Ford, Boston Pizza, the Davey Home, Trout Lake Marina with a boat ride to the Kennedy's camp, and the Essar Centre.  The day wrapped up with a dinner, followed by a party at the Riuniti Banquet Hall.

Through the day Tyler met with thousands of friends and fans, signing autographs and getting his photo taken.  The young man had a long day with the Cup but had a smile on his face through the whole day.  He was still going strong when I left the party at the Riuniti just before midnight. I'm sure Tyler and many Saultites will remember this day for many years to come.  Thanks Tyler.

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