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Welcome to! 

Your free web resource to find what's happening in Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding area.

This site has been developed as a community resource to allow you to browse and find things to do in the Sault and area.  Features of this site include:

  • Event Calendar - The event calendar lets you find upcoming events to attend.  If you are an event organizer, feel free to post information concerning your events in our calendar to help market your event to the community.  Browsing the calendar and posting new events are both free.  Posting new events can be done by clicking the Add Event link on the lower right sidebar on the main calendar page.
  • Photo Galleries - We are posting photo galleries of many community events that we attend.  Included are high school and other sporting events, special events, and occasionally just some scenery photos.  All photos in the galleries are available for purchase at a reasonable price.  If you have an event your would like our photographer to attend, please Contact Us.

If you have comments or suggestions on how to improve this site, we invite your comments.  Please use our comment form on the Contact Us page.

This site is funded strictly through advertising revenue.  If your organization would like to purchase an advertising logo and link on this site, please use the comment form on the Contact Us page.  This site is mostly automated so we have a low overhead and advertising rates are consequently low in cost too. 

This website was conceived in 2004 out of a need to develop a central repository of events happening in the Sault Ontario/Michigan area.  It was noted that event organizers had problems with scheduling events so that they would not conflict with other events in timing.  It is hoped that as this site becomes more popular, event organizers will use the site as a tool to assist them with event planning and timing as well as promotion.

This site is a project of Tom Stephenson and SooNet Corp., originally an ISP that has transformed into a small web design, computer and network consulting firm.

We hope that you use this site as a resource for finding events to attend, and if you are an event organizer, for publishing event information for self promotion.  The site is free to browse and postings are free as well.



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